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So SQLite decided to adopt a code of conduct, which is great. But they decided to adopt one that isn't practical to enforce and that excludes anyone who's not an adherent to an Abrahamic tradition.

No, really: sqlite.org/codeofconduct.html

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The 0-day in the popular jQuery plugin and its forks has been in plain sight for 3 years via public YouTube exploit tutorials with copy/paste steps. Actively exploited. Yet for 3 years the developer, sys admins, and security community was unaware. 🤔😪😤 zd.net/2CUnToG

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I wrote a post on password-based authenticated key exchange and the new OPAQUE protocol. A little nerdy, but these are useful techniques more people should know about. blog.cryptographyengineering.c


Yorushika's "Say it" has been playing non-stop in my head for weeks now. Halp

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